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The Brazos WiFi network is a fully routed network that is redundant where possible. Our network is built with these safeguards:

  • Dual upstream providers who utilize different routes in and out of Brazos County.

  • Dynamic OSPF routing within our network to automatically route around problem areas (a tower going offline due to lightning or otherwise).

  • Battery backups with run-times greater than 24 hours on all key nodes.

  • Solar panels to provide extended run-times on the major "ring" that makes up the backbone of Brazos WiFi's network.


getting a faster internet connection is simple, easy and less money than you think. Check our coverage area and give brazos wifi a call, let's get you connected.

“We are proud to have won the 28th fastest growing Aggie company in 2018. Thank you to all our customers and friends that have helped along the way.”

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